Friday, September 25, 2009


"That's for David. You're too big." Is something you hear a lot around our house these days.


benandkiki said...

That is a problem with Kate too. She actually broke our swing.

Cheryl said...

I have the same thing with Whitney even though she's 3! I think it brinks back a feeling of something familiar to her!

Jackie said...

Brigham does that too!

They are crocs, I got them at the sporting goods store. I bet you could find them online too.

The Santini Stew said...

Hey Katie!

I have a couple of questions for you but don't know if the email address I have is current.

I am looking into a change in my career. I have been considering going back for my PhD or going to law school, but I wanted to know your opinion about teaching at a university with a masters. Is it decent pay? Do you enjoy it? How do I make the connections necessary to get a job somewhere?

If you could email me at, that would be super!