Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucy's 2 Loves

Lucy loves our neighbor, Cardston. These two give one another a hug every time they see each other and yell for one another in the middle of church across multiple pews. The other night Lucy wasn't sleeping well and after Marc comforted her, she laid in bed still calming down. We then heard her say in a very longing voice, "Cardston, Buddy". It was so sweet.
Her second love is her Daddy. She asks to call him on the phone frequently. Seeing her walk around the house talking to her Daddy on the phone is a common sight. Daddy also has the incredible ability of calling almost every time Lucy gets really sad or hurt. His voice is generally an instant cure to any ailment she may have had.
***"Pink" (as seen in the above photo) would be a VERY close 3rd love of her's

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Heidi said...

It sounds like Lucy has some good men in her life and a very nice fuzzy blanket.