Thursday, September 10, 2009

Women I Admire (Part I)

An ongoing post . . .

My Grandma Sampson is the most spiritual woman I know. She always puts God first and willingly obeys the counsel of the brethren without question. It has been hard for her to be without Grandpa these past few years, but in spite of this, she still finds a way to make you feel like a million bucks whenever you are around her.
My Mother lives for her children and grandchildren. You will never meet a more devoted Mother and Grandma. She would do anything to be near her posterity. She cannot stand the thought of having to discipline any of them. She is always ready and willing to listen to my bad days and does her best to make me feel better.
My Mother-in-law, Kay. This picture of her holding a baby is very fitting. She is so willing to help in any way that she can and does so with a willing heart and a smile upon her face. I have felt comfortable to talk with her about anything since I first met her. She has raised 7 wonderful children who understand the meaning of kindness and charity.
My sister, Kristi. Oh I could go on and on about what this lady does for me. She makes me smile, cry, get frustrated and laugh so hard I just about pee my pants. I always want to be around her. Our time together is never enough. She would do anything for my happiness. She is the best friend that I also get to call sister.
My sister-in-law, Karen. She rolls with things as they come and handles them like a champ. In situations where some may lose it, she remains calm with a smile upon her face as her voice never elevates. And how I wish I could give witty responses like her.
My sister-in-law, Tiffany. To put it simply, she is wonder woman. She does everything she has been called to do with perfection. If I ever feel there is an area in life I am slacking in, I talk to Tiffany about it and she sets me straight again. She is admired by all who know her.
My dear friend, Heidi. Her unconditional love for God is remarkable. Her faith allows her to share so many incredible insights about life. I always walk away from a conversation with her feeling uplifted (even if I still might be confused).
My sister-in-law, Jayna. I have never met a more selfless person than her (except for maybe Ryan, but perhaps that's why they married each other). She not only willingly gives of her material possessions but also her time. I have to be careful what I request from her because I always know she will be there to help me (and ANYONE) in any way that she can.
This post is just the beginning of many, many women I admire. More to come . . .


Jayna said...

Thank you Katie...but I have to admit, when I first read this postI thought it was like that game 3 lies and 1 truth, except this was a line up of 7 awesome women and one poser! ME! You are very kind in your compliments and I agree with Heidi, you should be in this line up as well. You are very optimistic and look for the best in everyone. Thanks for the inspiring inspired me to be more of what you think I am.

Heidi said...

Those are some amazing women. I would have to add Katie to that list. She is the most optimistic person I know. I have never met anyone who can believe in the good in everyone like she can.

PS. Don't worry...sometimes I confuse myself :)

girlsmama said...

Katie what a wonderful post! I'm sure all of those women would put you on their post! I remember when I first saw you start to walk around the neighboorhood with Memphis, you always and a smile and a wave. Your cheerfulness and optimism brighten so many people's days! Not to mention your career/schooling accomplishments! You rock!