Sunday, October 17, 2010


Our third annual trip to Pumpkinland! To see trip one click here and to see trip two click here
Is this the cutest bat you've ever seen?
David loved sitting in the pumpkins. I think he thought he was surrounded by balls. He cried every time we had to leave them.
Our big girl! Lucy is getting so grown up. She was so fun to watch this year. She's really starting to "get" so much of what is going on all around her.

Our cousin, Eliza, got to come play with us. These three had a lot of fun together.

Sweet Eliza Jane. She kept saying, "Pumpkin. Happy Halloween!"

Our family at the corn maze. As I was putting Halloween shirts on the kids, Marc went to his closet and returned with an orange shirt on! He is so adorable.

The three little pumpkins

David could have crawled through this tunnel all day.

Lucy and David ready to get their pumpkins

Another successful year of fun, exploration and pumpkin finding at Pumpkinland.

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ls said...

i LOVE that tunnel picture! your kids are looking so big and cute.