Thursday, May 30, 2013

David is 4!

I was just reflecting on the day this little man entered our lives. Right after he was born, my heart started racing and I became so anxious. The doctor was trying to help me calm down and yet it continued to race. Then the nurse brought my sweet baby boy right up to me and pressed his cheek besides mine and I was instantly calmed. David, you have continued to own my heart. You have made my heart capable of loving in a way that is so new and so beautiful. I really thought I knew with all of my schooling I had prior to having children that this whole motherhood thing would be a cinch. You have taught me that I was wrong, and for that I am so thankful. Thank you for letting me see a glimpse of how God loves His children. I learn each day from you and each day my life is so blessed because you are my son. Happy Birthday Handsome Jack!

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