Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lucy Dance Recital . . . I beleive in Fairies

I always love to watch Lucy dance on the stage. She is so happy when she gets to dance and she always asks me about when it will be her turn to dance on the stage again.

She has so many fans. Grandma & Grandpa Sampson loved watching her dance and she loved seeing them there.

I know there is a head in the way, but I love this shot Marc took. When I was watching the dance in the rehearsal, I noticed it was very intentional that Lucy go last at this part in the dance where each girl took a turn leaping across the stage. When Lucy finally went she just leapt across that stage for all she was worth multiple times. It took my breath away and filled my eyes with tears. She is such a beautiful dancer.

Doing her lovely moves.

And then she was dancing off the stage with a giant smile on her face.

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