Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cousin's Halloween Party

We had a little sneak peek into Halloween with a cousin's Halloween party on Friday.

David was thrilled to be able to wear his costume. "A pumpkin with trains." This boy is one of a kind.

And then there was"Princess Dorothy"

And Princess Belle

We dined on nuggets and apple slices followed by some art projects where the kids made skeleton masks and pumpkins. Then they played outside-it was a lovely fall day. (Lucy's friend from school, Elizabeth and her younger sister, Katelyn, joined us for the party).

David modeling his mask

Vivian very diligently coloring her mask.

Princess Jane as Cindarella

Aunt Jayna brought this darling ghost bowling game which the kids thought was awesome.

And I think this is the cutest skeleton I have ever seen . . .  (Sweet Will)


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