Sunday, October 6, 2013

Primary Program

Last Sunday was our Primary Program. The kids were very excited.

We had yet to get David to even go up to the stand to sing with The Primary Kids for Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I went to the practice the day before and helped him adjust to this idea of sitting on the stand. I was planning to go up and sit with him on Sunday as well, but when the time came for them to do the program I was in the bathroom with Vivian. I was so worried and when I got back in there, he was happily sitting on the stand by his teacher! Marc said he just went right up! He did great, sang all the songs and happily said his part, "I feel Heavenly Father's love for me when I sit on the green grass." They then had The Sunbeam Class sing, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." When they practiced this, they let David hold the microphone, but took it away for the actual program. David was so excited about the idea of singing "his song" into the mich and was so disappointed when they didn't let him sing into it. So as all of his peers happily sung, David said over and over again, "Hey, I want to sing my song." as he looked for anyone who may take pity on him. Marc and I just sat there and laughed. He recovered from this setback well and went back to sit with his class and finish the program strong.

Lucy was wonderful. She sang all of her songs, sat reverently with her class and said her part perfectly, "I know Heavenly Father loves me because He gave me a loving family and a comfortable home. He also gave me a puppy."

Her lovely hair.

And this little miss was pretty disappointed they would not let her be a part of the program. She so wants to do everything her siblings do!

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