Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Aboard!

We had such a fun time touring the Heber Creeper. You can actually take a 90 minute ride on the train, but I didn't think Lucy's attention span would last that long so I asked if we could just look around. They were so accommodating and even let us get on the train and look all around.

The men checking things out . . .
Our two little ones sitting on a real train. Lucy really liked the idea of being on a train.
We had it all to ourselves. I kind of felt like we were famous ;)
The family in front of a steam engine. These are apparently very rare and very expensive to repair. (And do you love how I coordinated my outfit to match the engine?)
Then Marc got a real treat when the engineer offered to take him on a personal tour of the machine shop where they repair all the engines.
It was a very fun adventure.


heidiabe said...

Looks like a fun family adventure!

JMadd said...

That's so cool!