Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 months of sweetness

How can it possibly be five months since sweet Vivian entered our lives? That smile says it all, she is the definition of joy and we are so thankful to have her in our family.

This little lady loves to go on walks and hikes. She has spent a good number of hours hanging out in that baby carrier. The bjorn is a given tool that will make her happy (accompanied with walking once it's on of course). She is a happy little hiker and can rarely resist the urge to take a little snooze once she's in there. Oh, she melts my heart!

She is growing well and seems to be cutting teeth?!? Thank goodness for her Sophie the giraffe, she loves that thing. She is currently on her third cold (poor third child). The other two resulted in ear infections so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this one will not have the same result. She is very talkative (I swear she says "hi" all the time and last night I think she said, "Dad").  She thinks Lucy is just about the coolest thing around (David is starting to be pretty neat too). I love to see her flap her arms and kick her legs when she sees me. She makes this "stop everything and coo" movement that is reserved just for me and I love it. I can't resist picking her up when I walk past her and she gives me her best smile and love in her eyes. She has got my number and I am just fine with that. We love you Vivi!

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JMadd said...

She's such a precious little sweetheart! Watch out for those teeth when they come in.