Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucy: Forty-Seven Months

Dear Lucy-

Recently your friend Jonah passed away. He was only 14 months old. As touchingly documented by Mom, we as your parents have learned some important lessons. As I mentioned to your brother, I will be writing you a monthly letter as well.

Here are some things I've noticed about you during the past month:

  1. You have a beautiful smile. I love how your entire face lights up when you laugh and you show all your pretty teeth. I am grateful that you have lots of opportunities to smile, and I hope you always will. Now if I could only get you to smile that way when I take your picture.
  2. You have a knack for figuring out technology. It's not a problem now for Mom or me to ask you to set up the iPad, start a DVD or VHS, or navigate the PBSKids website using a trackpad. As we speak you are playing a matching game on the iPad.
  3. You've learned to push the swing. This has been a critical lesson in cause and effect. Indeed, I think you are realizing that cause-effect relationships apply in other areas of life as well. This is a lesson I hope you never forget, especially as life gets more complicated.
  4. You love your sister. You frequently stop whatever you are doing and want to get her attention. You call her "chubs," "boop," and other variations of those nicknames. You are often the first one to notice when she wakes from her naps. Sometimes when Vivian is fussy, you are the one we turn to to help calm her down. I'm excited to see how this sisterhood bond develops over the years.
  5. You are an extrovert. You like to have the attention of others, and you're verbal enough to be interesting to adults. For example, the other day you wanted to talk to someone about inertia and simple levers. Who wouldn't want to hear about those things from an almost-four-year-old?
  6. You love to move. Dance class is a favorite activity, and you are certain to show me what you learned in your most recent class. Last night, we put on some kid's music and danced throughout the house. You absolutely loved it!
When I talk with your sisters, I remind them of something that I think every girl should believe about themselves. I say it to them every time, with the hopes that it will become a part of their belief system. I'll expound upon it a little this time, but in the future will sign off in the typical fashion I use with your sisters.

Remember that you are a good girl. Remember that you are beautiful on the inside. Remember that you are pretty on the outside. Remember that you are smart.



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