Monday, December 19, 2011

Lucy's Nativity Dance Recital

Lucy had her dance recital where the theme was, The Nativity. She was a twinkling star and this is what little stars do when they see one another. 

I just stood back and watched all the sweet interactions between these cute girls. They made me smile with their discussions about their shoes and how they couldn't help but dance as they walked around the room. 
Does Lucy have some great hair or what? And when did she get this grown-up?

Lucy's fan club: Grandpa & Grandma Sampson, Grandma Kay, David and of course Mom, Dad and Vivian. 

These next few pictures of her dancing speak for themselves on how much Lucy truly loves what she's doing. I love how happy she is in them and the dear friends she is surrounded by. Her teacher, Miss Amber, believes strongly in sharing the spirit of Christ through dance and it is so clearly felt and seen as I watch the performances she produces. I LOVE that my daughter can be a part of something so beautifully inspiring. Enjoy the pictures (I sure do):

Can I tell you how much I love that this is my life: telling my daughter what a beautiful dancer she  is while my mother attends to her every need as I hold my other daughter. Such a beautiful life I live.  

And then my handsome Jack shows up to show me his special prize. I  love this moment and I treasure my life. 

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Christine said...

Absolutely adorable!! Ah, life's sweetest moments.