Friday, December 9, 2011

SLC Stay-cation

After staying at my parents for Thanksgiving we went to SLC for a few days to have a little vacation as a family together. I worked hard to figure out what to do with our little ones while we were there, but the truth of the matter is; the hotel room was biggest highlight of all. Each night we popped popcorn and the kids thought it was incredible (and I thought it was wonderful I wouldn't have to clean up all the kernels).

I love this picture as it captures the spirit of childhood so well. I didn't even notice the different colors of tile, but to Lucy they became an instant gameboard where she could only step on the dark tiles. I love seeing the world through the eyes of my children.

And when a bed appeared out of the couch, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! Such an exciting place these hotel rooms can be.

We spent the next morning seeing Santa and going to The Children's Museum. It was an amazing place. David spent the whole time playing in the water feature while Lucy explored every nook and cranny: the market, the car, the horse, the house . . . Marc chased after the two of them while I sat in this lovely section deemed for nursing mothers and nursed sweet Vivi. So fun.

That night my parents joined us for dinner and we took the train to see the lights at Temple Square. 

It was a bit cold, but still very magical.

David thought riding on the train was the best part of the whole vacation.

And apparently it was not the highlight for Miss Vivian.  

The next morning we ate a yummy breakfast at the hotel (the Froot Loops were the kids' favorite) and headed home. It was simply wonderful to have TIME together as a family.

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Christine said...

I agree. Hotel rooms are magic places for kiddos. :)