Monday, June 16, 2008


I was doing my best to find an individual picture of each of the important fathers in my life and I couldn't find one of Marc's Grandpa by himself, but then I decided this was a perfect picture to celebrate fatherhood. This picture, taken on our wedding day, helps to illustrate a father for Marc and me who "started it all" both by being a wonderful example and patriarch in our family, but also by being the man who sealed us for time and all eternity. Oh the lessons we have learned from this great man. Those that stand out, are lessons of sacrifice and service which lead to an ability to love beyond belief.
My Grandpa Smith. He always had a joke ready to tell you and eagerly listened to any you had to share with him. He worked multiple jobs to provide for his family of 9 children and learned Spanish on his own accord as he served on the Border Patrol. My Mom gets a light in her eye whenever she speaks of him.
Grandpa Sampson, we sure do miss him. My Dad tells me of a man who was strict and stern, but this was certainly not the Grandpa we knew. His grandchildren could melt his heart and get him to do anything. As he lay dying with little ability to communicate, it really touched me that the only time he would respond to anyone was when my Grandma would hold his hand and say, "I love you." then he would always respond, "I love you too".
My incredible Father-in-law. You will never meet a more compassionate, understanding and helpful man in your life. How grateful I am for the example he has set of kindness and communication. His sons follow is his example and their wives are so blessed because of it.
My Daddy. Isn't he adorable! There is no one on this planet that meets my Dad and doesn't just love him. He is my source of humor, my desire for strong character and the reason I stand tall in the face of opposition. I have become much of who I am because of how much I know my Dad believes in me.
The father of my children. I just cannot get enough of him. He is my true companion who makes everything better just by walking into the room. I fell in love with him when we were dating, it was only strengthened as I saw him with his daughters and I fall in love again and again each time I see him with Lucy. He is the one I want to share every moment with good or bad through all eternity.

Happy Father' Day 2008!

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