Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thanks... all the people who made my Dad's birthday celebration so great. People were really creative as they tried to guess what Dad told Mom he wanted for his special day. Mom gave people a clue: it was three words that started with the letters P.N.E. Here's what they came up with:

Pickles Never Eaten (jar of pickles)

Pliable New Eating-tools (Orikaso bowls and cup)

Purt Near Everything (Sear's catalogue)

Professional Nine-iron Equipment (golf clubs)

Pie that Needs to be Eaten (razzleberry pie)

Picture of Nora Ephron (This is what Dad really wanted ;) )

Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluation (See Dr. Amy if you need one)

Pistachio Nut Éclairs (from one of the best cooks I know)

PenNiEs (My Dad says you can buy stuff with them)

Pretty Nice Evening (Yes, it was)

Parenting, Napping, and Entertainment (A copy of Parenting magazine, a blanket, and a movie)

Pasta and Noodles for Everyone (Some noodles and sauce)

Pretty Nice Equipment (Golf balls)

Playing Number games is Educational (A keychain-sized UNO game)

Porsche Nine Eleven...cake (Dad really wants the car, but Mom got him the cake. Dad loved it)

Peas that Never Expire (dried peas...tasty!)

Painful Necessary Experience (Listerine mouthwash)

Playing Naked while hiking the Earth (A book of "off the beaten path" places in Utah. The naked part my Dad will have to explain, since I don't know what that means)

Happy Birthday Daddy!


girlsmama said...

Sounds like tons of fun! Sorry we couldn't be there. Happy Birthday Marc!

mindy said...

those are some excellent gifts. So, what was the actual PNE? My thought was "Party Naked Eggs." I wish we could have been there. Someday we'll clone ourselves so we can be in two places at once. Happy Birthday, Marc!

Katie said...

It was a "Posche Nine Eleven", hence why he only got it n the cake ;)