Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seven Months

Dear Lucy-

For some unknown reason to me, as I have told people this past week that you are "seven months old," I've noticed that it feels like you have crossed into a more mature phase of life. I didn't think this when you were six months, which would be a more logical milestone. Strange.

Whatever the reason, welcome to Seven Months!

Here are ten observations and reflections from the past month:

  1. Your two teeth are a mystery to me-not because they came in, but I can't figure out how those sharp little incisors don't shred your upper gums.
  2. Sitting is quickly becoming your preferred posture. Initially I could look sideways at you and over you'd go, but now you are pretty resilient to perturbation.
  3. Your hair. See photo above. What more can I say...
  4. We have a "glasses game" that we play when I am dressing you or changing your diaper: I put my face within your reach, you grab my glasses and pull them off my face, after which I say "Thaaaaaaank yoooooooooooou!" and you smile a huge toothless grin and give my glasses back to me.
  5. You sleep through the night! After only two rough nights, you figured it out and will sleep until 6:55 am. The first few nights, Mom and Dad woke up every couple of hours to check on you, even though you were just fine.
  6. For nap time, you still love your swing. And your yellow and white blanket Grandma Sampson made for you: pulling it close to your face is a sure sign that you're ready for a nap.
  7. Every time we go off-roading in Suby, you either fall asleep or stay asleep. Does this remind you of the womb? ;)
  8. If I hear you laugh, I will stop what I am doing and come watch...I love it!
  9. If we've been gone for a while, you smile when you see me, and you go crazy when you see Mom-arms flapping, legs kicking, happy squeaking. When the two of you are reunited, your arms go around her neck and you bury your face next to hers and coo. If you've really missed her, you'll suck on her chin. I love how you love your Mom.
  10. I think you will be a lefty. Other's are not so sure, but I'll bet a bottle you will be.



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