Monday, June 30, 2008

We Are Family

We went to a family reunion this last weekend. It was for the Christensen Family, but as you can see below, they are mostly made up of girls, so there actually wasn't a single Christensen (by name ) at the reunion.
These are the beautiful ladies now, the one in the middle is my Great Grandma. Can you believe she is over 80?!?
This is me very happy to be around my family. They all thought I was very cute and I confirmed that by giving them all kinds of great smiles and giggles.
My Mom and her sister always have fun when they are together, but Daddy gets a little nervous when they want to go shopping.
We really had a lot of great family there, but we must have been having so much that we forgot to take pictures. We'll have to leave you with this cute picture of my cousin, Braden. I really like to watch him play.

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Unknown said...

I love that picture of all those girls! That's really cool.