Friday, August 12, 2011

Today . . .

Today I got spit-up on my shirt and I didn't mind because it meant I have a baby in my home to call my own.
Today I didn't get dressed until lunch time and I didn't care because it meant I was busy playing with my sweet children.
Today I sat in a rocking chair until my back ached and I rejoiced because it meant I was holding the precious baby sent to me from above.
Today I listened again to my daughter tell me about The Wizard of Oz and I smiled because of the gift that is mine to raise her.
Today I tickled my son as he threw a tantrum while I changed his diaper because I was thankful for the strength he's been blessed with.
Today I reflected on a sweet baby and dear mother who will not have the same blessings today that I will.
Today I took time to be thankful for the simple things.


callie said...

my heart is aching for ani and her husband. i've been following on the posts on blogger/fb and have just felt so teary about the whole thing but at the same time so inspired by ani's perspective. and you put everything perfectly into words. today we had a similar day as yours and motivates me to have more of those no matter how busy and hectic things are. i am so blessed. you said perfectly and i feel that same teariness reading your post. thanks katie.

jenn said...

I agree with Callie. My heart has been hurting so much for the loss of sweet Ruby. I also know how much better her tiny body must feel now. Ani's words on her blog have done the same thing for me. They have helped me to cherish every moment with my Magnolia, just like you said. I don't know the Taylors, but I feel a closeness to them through this. Thank you for sharing. :)

Dustin and Aimee said...

Thank you for this. Like the other comments, I have been more inspired to slow down, not rush through things but realize that taking time IS the bigger thing. Being a mommy is a blessing. Not all will get to experience it in this life and I feel so privileged to get to spend time with my baby. Thanks for the reminder.