Saturday, October 27, 2012

BYU Homecoming

We got the family all ready and walked down to see The BYU Homecoming Parade. I was running behind and came out to find my talented husband doing this as he was walking to the parade. Isn't he talented?

There is just something a little magical about a parade and the kids loved all the free candy and toys they threw out.

Vivian wasn't quite sure what she thought of Cosmo. We'll have to teach her ;)

Then we headed to The McKay School tailgate party where we dined on hot dogs, chips and mint brownies. David won a prize from the raffle in the first few minutes we arrived. He was pretty excited about that. From there we walked to the game. David was a bit overwhelmed at first, but he warmed up to being there. Lucy on the other hand loved it. She was cracking me up as I watched her cheer at all the right times and say things like, "Go BYU! Go Cougars!" We made it happily to half time, then I went home with the kids while Marc stayed to watch the end. I love my alma mater

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