Tuesday, June 1, 2010

David's 1st Birthday Included . . .

A handsome little one-year-oldSome yummy treats with boy things like baseballs and footballs on them
A game where everyone guessed what they thought David would do when he grew up. Then we put an item representing each field (eg: a stethoscope for medical, a book for education, a microphone for entertainment, etc). Whichever item he grabbed first would represent the field he chose. He picked the stethoscope so I drew a name from the medical cup and Grandpa was the winner!
Lots of little friends having fun being outside.
Some serious spoiling from both of his Grandmas
The Grandpas solved the world's problems while the Grandmas spoiled.
Yummy BBQ from Dad
Very proud and grateful parents
Pointy hats
And lots of great presents. This boy sure is loved by a lot of wonderful people.
Happy 1st Birthday David! We love you. You brighten our world. You make us smile more. You bring a joy to our home accompanied with a wonderful amount of laughter. Thanks for the best year yet.


Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday, David!!

Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun party! Time sure flies so fast, it seems like he was just born, and now he's one! Cute little boy you have.

heidiabe said...

Happy Birthday, David! You're my number one invite! So sorry I missed your party, it looks like a lot of fun!