Friday, June 25, 2010

We're going to the zoo . . .

You can come too . . . (seriously, you can come too because we've got an annual pass and I can take a guest for FREE and kids 2 and under are just $3! Who's in?)

Lucy loved the giraffes

And the carousel (and btw, what the heck animal is this?)

David loved the big ball with water

He was really sad we had to pull him away

But then we went to visit my parents at the conference center where they are service missionaries and give tours

On the roof. Lucy thought this was pretty cool and I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear my parents bear testimony of the gospel. They are good people and I feel so blessed to have their example for me and my family.


Lemme said...

that is a weird carousel animal! what are they teaching those kids?

Kendra said...

the weird animal is an okapi. it is african...I think I did a report on it in 10th grade Biology... I just thought it was weird looking. Ha ha ha