Tuesday, December 25, 2012


For the advent this year, I decided to forgo the candy on each day and replace it with a note the kids would pull out that stated a special activity we would do for that day. Some of my favorites were: making a paper chain, writing a letter to Grandma, going to see the lights, making ornaments, eating lunch at Daddy's work and making a winter wonderland with shaving cream!

It amazed me just how long a $1 worth of shaving cream kept my kids completely entertained, playing well together and using their imaginations.

I played as well and took some time to sit back and watch how cute they were.

David loved riding his cars through the "snow".

Lucy loved putting it on her arms and drawing fun pictures and words in the cream.

And Vivian just loved the whole thing. (She did like to wipe the cream all over her face which proved to be problematic at times, but it all worked out in the end).

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