Friday, December 14, 2012

David's preschool Christmas Party

We had a lovely Christmas Party with the neighborhood co-op preschool. Here is the whole crew (almost). We split them into 3 separate classes during the week and there are also some older and younger siblings in the picture as well. I love where we live. It is the perfect place for this season of our lives. Good people all wanting to do what is right for their children and TONS of children for my kids to be friends with.

We started off by singing Christmas carols. Then the classes were divided into three rotations. The first rotation for David's class was The Nativity. I told the story of Jesus' birth with flannel board pictures and then the kids got to dress up in the nativity clothes. Then they got to play with their own set of the nativity made out of wooden blocks that Marc and I made for each family.

I loved watching the children dress up. It was especially endearing for me to see how they interacted with the baby Jesus doll. The boys were very protective of it and got anxious if someone tried to pick him up and the girls just had to hold that sweet baby and give it kisses. So tender.

Such darling children

This little lady is so dang precious. I loved watching her the baby Jesus. She could not put him down.

This is the oldest class. They were so good as I told the story and they knew so much about it. It was incredible.The other rotations were making a snowman out of a banana, chocolate chips and pretzels. They turned out so cute, I wish I had a picture. Then they went into a room for story time where one of the Moms read Christmas books. 

My favorite picture from the day. Why we Moms do what we do, so our children may know and be like Him.

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